assignment resume

Create or update your Resume as well as a Job Application Letter. Submit them separately in two documents.

Your Resume should be built according to the advice in the first set of Chapter 11 slides and would generally be expected to be a Reverse Chronological style, though if your unique situation better fits a Skills-based style, that’s fine.

Your Job Application Letter should be the style of a Prospecting Letter, not for an actual posted available position. The company and job position you tailor the letter to is completely up to you, but it should be reasonable and realistic to your actual current education, experience, and skill levels– no applying for CEO of Amazon or General Manager of the Atlanta Braves.

To complete this assignment, you will submit and complete:

  1. An up-to-date Resume using Chapter 11’s guidelines (.docx or .pdf ONLY)
  2. A Prospecting Letter to a company and position of your choice using Chapter 11’s guidelines and being potentially realistic (.docx or .pdf ONLY)

This below will go on a separate document.

Charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data and information can help better communicate to the audience complex ideas. Throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there has been immense data being gathered and analyzed. This includes things like numbers of infections, the rate of spread, movement of the virus around the world, etc.

The following article was originally published March 10th. It has been updated since then. (Links to an external site.)

Try to think back to time around March 10th. It was the beginning of the normal Spring Break week, and the W had not yet extended Spring Break nor announced a move to online courses for the remainder of the semester. The next day Mississippi announced its first confirmed case.

Discuss the charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data and info included in this article (originally or updated). How do visuals help to better share the important information? If a business has information that needs to be shared with the public, its customers, its employees, etc., when may it be appropriate to use written text only and when can visual representations be useful?


Pueyo, T. (2020, March 10). Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now. Retrieved March 20, 2020, from

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