mcdonald s corporation case study analysis

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In preparing the case assignment, you should strive to be concise, coherent, and well organized. Make sure that your assumptions, analyses, and recommendation are internally consistent. For this assignment, there is a strict upper limit of twenty pages of text (12-point Times Roman font, double-spacing, and one-inch margins) plus no more than three pages of exhibits. Please check your submission for typos and grammar. Also, make sure that your exhibits are self-explanatory (explain abbreviations) and include all assumptions (use footnotes if needed).

In preparing your write-up, please use the following format:

  • Brief Statement of the Problem:State the purpose of the report and specify the problems addressed in your analysis.
  • Analysis:This is the foundation of your report. It entails analyzing data to support the problem identification and your recommendations. Please remember that analysis goes beyond mere repetition of case facts to provide conclusions and implications. It includes:
  • Relevant environmental analysis (i.e., competition structure, economic factors, socio-cultural factors, legal and political factors, and technological factors),
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Market segmentation and positioning strategies.
  • Customer analysis.

All the underlined points under Analysis should be analyzed in separate paragraphs.

  • Marketing mix strategies.Alternative solutions: Develop a set of alternatives that may contribute in resolving the problem(s). Provide a discussion of the pros/cons of each alternative.
  • Recommendation:Select the recommended solution out of the alternative set you believe will be the most suitable to resolve the problem(s). Please ensure internal consistency between your problem identification, analysis, and recommendations.
  • Exhibits:Make sure that you tie your exhibits to the text of the report and the logical flow of your analysis. Exhibits added to a report which, are not integral to the discussion in the text, will detract from the effectiveness of the case write-up.

Use only the information in the case do not use outside information in the assignment.

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