eddd 8107 course design setting up an elearning course

Please revise this assignment and make corrections. My Instructor needs all components on the syllabus itself. I have attached the previous paper for reference. I got a low grade because my had issues accessing the components on the syllabus.I also attached the rubric and

Assignment 1: eLearning Course Design: Setting Up an eLearning Course

The Assignments in this module are all connected. In Part 1 you will begin to construct your eLearning course in a learning management system (LMS) or mobile platform and apply the “design” phase of the ADDIE model. In Assignment 2, you will demonstrate how the decisions you are making for the development of the LMS are based on your module readings as well as other evidence-based and scholarly research.


  • Decide on a learning management system (LMS) or mobile platform and begin setting up your eLearning course.
  • Choose a simple and readable color scheme and theme applying visual design principles (Reyna et al, 2018 and Reyna, 2013)
  • Within your eLearning platform create a syllabus page and write (you will add additional items later in additional modules):
    • A course description (similar to a catalog description)
    • Student learning outcomes for all 3 weeks, specifying the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that learners will acquire through participation (Stavredes & Herder, 2014; Chapter 4)
    • A description of any formative and/or summative assessments. You don’t have to write the rubrics for the assignments, just describe what students in your course will do
    • A single rubric or scoring guide developed for the two content-related discussions (Stavredes & Herder, 2014; pp. 149–153)


Submit this Assignment, after carefully readying through the Module 2 Assignment 1 Rubric. Place the URL of your eLearning course into the document. Copy and paste the Module 2 Assignment 1 Rubric to the last page of the paper. Complete the Student-Self Assessment column, adding comments to justify the points you have awarded your work – full points are not automatic; also add the URL to your eLearning course to the space at the top of the rubric. Use correct APA form and style with scholarly writing. Add notes for your Instructor to help locate the items within your eLearning course.

Note: In order for grading to take place, submitted assignments MUST include the following:

  1. Correctly formatted document naming convention (see Submission and Grading Information)
  2. Title page that follows the Writing Center course template
  3. Correct APA form and style; APA formatted in-text citations for ideas from Learning Resources
  4. Scholarly writing with proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling; future tense is used appropriately when referring to the proposed eLearning course
  5. Reference page following current APA formatting style
  6. Copy of the rubric with the Student Self-Assessment completed, including justification for the points awarded

Important: When these six items are not included in the submission, the instructor will not grade the assignment, will enter 0 points, and the assignment will be considered late – resulting in point deductions in line with the Late Policy.

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