mussulosketal system

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Kargbo EmmahNSG 200Musculoskeletal System


Physical Examination Skills Check List: Musculoskeletal System.

Essential Skills

1.Review appropriate medical history, allergies, contraindications, pain

2.Perform hand hygiene before and after client interactions, before putting on gloves, and after gloves are removed

3.Knock prior to entering client space and introduce self to client (name and NVCC student nurse)

4.Provide client privacy

5.Explain the procedure/purpose to the client using language they will understand

6.Verify client’s identity using 2 identifiers (ask them to state name and assess MR# or DOB)

7.Assist client into the proper position for assessment/procedure

8.Complete assessment as indicated

Examination Techniques


Patient Instructions/Technique Used

Expected Findings

Unexpected Findings

Perform hand hygiene

Introduce Self

Patient Verification


To disinfect the hands before conducting the assessment.

To introduce the examiner and review patients medical history.

To evaluate the patients daily functioning levels.

Introduce the patient and

Ask patient about musculoskeletal health history, allergies, and pain in joints and muscle.

No health history of joint disease or arthritis.

No problems with joints and muscle pain.

Inspect skeleton and extremities for alignment and symmetry

Inspect muscles for symmetry and size

Palpate bones for pain, temperature, and edema; and muscles for pain, temperature, edema, and tone.

Observe the ROM (ROM) for major joints and adjacent muscles, for pain on movement, joint stability, and deformity

Test muscle strength and compare sides

To determine posture and alignment

To determine the musculature symmetry.

To determine the temperature, pain and edema in the bone and muscle.

To examine presence of deformity, joint stability, and pain on muscle movement.

To test the muscles movement and bilaterally strength. Evaluate the nature of resistance.

Ask the patient to stand erect; observe from post-ant-lateral view

Ask the patient to perform a movements (ROM) actively and with passive help.

The patient should to move and flex the muscle under evaluation while you apply an opposite force to muscle movement.

Shoulders have even contour, scapulae and iliac crest are level

Muscles have symmetry and have equal sizes

The muscle and bones are firm and not tender. No temperature abnormalities. No pain during palpation of bones and muscles. Skin tone is even without noticeable variations.

The ROM is full for each joint. No pain on passive and active movement, deformity and crepitus.

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