the framework for your research question s

Discussion: The Framework for Your Research Question(s)

A framework demonstrates an understanding of the theories and concepts that are relevant to your topic. It should be aligned with the problem, purpose, research questions, and background of your study. According to the PhD Prospectus Guide, “This theoretical or conceptual framework is the basis for understanding, designing, and analyzing ways to investigate your research problem (data collection and analysis).”

In psychological science, a theory is almost always associated with a prominent scholar and has been published in peer reviewed journals. You should not need to go “hunting” for a Framework. An appropriate theory has likely already appeared in articles you used to create the problem statement, the purpose, the research question(s), and the Background section of the prospectus.

To achieve alignment, the terms described in the Framework must resemble terms used in your research question(s).

To Prepare:
  • Review Chapter 3 of Creswell and Creswell, identified in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Read the Problem Statement section of the Student Guide to Alignment.
  • Review the literature assembled in the Background section. Identify the various framework(s) used to support these studies.
  • Consider the framework that would best suit your research question(s).
  • Review the framework sections of at least one sample prospectus.

By Day 3 of Week 6

  • Describe the theoretical framework you will use for your Prospectus, including its origin(s) source.
  • Describe how this theory specifically relates to your research question(s).

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