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Title: FBI

“Everyone likes to point fingers when a project fails. Your job in this exercise is to ANALYZE what went wrong. What could the FBI had done to prevent failure of the virtual case file system, looking back in hindsight like the proverbial “Monday morning quarterback?” Furthermore, you must address the “elephant” in the room. Was it an organizational fault, a leadership fault, or a failure within the rank and file employees? Is there enough blame to go around?

As usual, back up your analyses with citations as support. These can be informal citations, such as “O’Hara said that…”

Title: Philosophy

Reflect and respond to the following: Bureaucracies are predisposed towards failure and governments are predisposed towards aggrandizing their power thus necessarily minimizing individual liberty. Governments are a collection of bureaucracies therefore they are both predisposed towards failure while increasing their power and therefore suppressing the liberties of individuals.

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