rogerian argument essay 2

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Select any issue related to the topic “Modern Technology” that you understand from at least two opposing points of view. You should feel strongly about your point of view, and you should have strong negative feelings about opposing viewpoints. Write a Rogerian argument in response to an opposing viewpoint. Your intended audience for this essay is Nicholas Carr. Besides any other research that should be used and cited, the main resource for the argument should be quotes from Nicholas Carr’s, The Shallows (here is the link… *should be included and cited in many parts of the essay*):

The database “Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints” is a good starting point for this essay if you would like to do research beyond The Shallows

Essay should be approximately 1,000 words long and should consist of the following parts.

1. Give a brief, objective statement of the issue under discussion.

2. Summarize in impartial language what you perceive the case for the opposition to be; the summary should demonstrate that you understand their interests and concerns and should avoid any hint of hostility.

3. Make an objective statement of your own side of the issue, listing your concerns and interests but avoiding loaded language or any hint of moral superiority.

4. Outline what common ground or mutual concerns you and the other person or group seem to share; if you see irreconcilable interests, specify what they are.

5. Outline the solution you propose, pointing out what both sides may gain from it.

6. Please remember, essay should be a Rogerian argument essay. A helpful website that would guide you and help you with this is:…

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