contemporary song analysis instructions 1

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1. Choose a popular song from the past two years that you deem significant. Please make sure that it is from 2019 or 2020 (you will have marks taken off if it is not from the right time period). If there are differing dates for the song’s album and single release, or some other situation with the dates, as long as one of the dates is 2019 or 2020, that is fine. You can pick your favourite song, your least favourite song, a song that has some political significance, a song that uses unusual instruments, a cover of an older song, a mash-up of older songs, an unusual genre, etc.

2. You must provide a copy of the song through a YouTube link at the end of your document.

3. Your assignment should be formatted in the following way:

  • 1200 to 1500 words
  • Use a 12pt Times font with default margins.
  • Use double-spacing.

4. Content of analysis report:

Background (maximum one page)

State who recorded the song, what the song title is, what the song’s date is, and who wrote it. In an opening paragraph, describe the artist(s). Who are they? Where are they from? What else have they done? How is their music usually described in the media?

Analysis (main part of assignment: 2 to 3 pages)

Please read the requirement carefully before your start!

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