creating a marketing plan for burger king

Case Study

1) Read the Burger King case study

2) You are hired as a marketing intern for Burger King. You are responsible for developing

a marketing plan that will bring more people into the stores and increase their check

average. Based on what you have read in the case study, what you have learned in class,

and research that you perform on Burger King and their competitors create a proposal to

share with Burger King executives.

Your paper needs to be three full pages using 12 cpi font.

Works cited will be included on an additional page (not part of the three).

Do not use half a page to post the title of your paper.

Paper should be cited using APA guidelines.

Your paper should include professional writing not conversational (how you would talk with

your friends).

You have free reign with this. There is no such thing as a bad idea it just needs to be grounded

with facts.

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