business and business environment 1

You have been employed as a Business Analyst by a large UK-based organisation of your choice to

investigate different types and sizes of business they will have to compete with.
You are required to investigate and explain three different types of organisations, their size and
classification to highlight differences between them. This should include their legal structure, size
and scope, as well as their key stakeholders.
For one of the organisations you must then explain the various functions within the business and
create an organisational chart to explain the interrelationships between different functions. You
must also explain how this would be different in the other two organisations.
This will be presented as a report to the Chief Executive Officer and should include the following:
1. Introduction to provide an overview of different types of organisations and the growth of the
international business environment (LO1).
2. An explanation of each of the chosen organisations, including: background details of the
organisation; the products and services they supply; the size and scope of the organisation; their
vision, mission and business objectives; the organisational and legal structure; and information
about their stakeholders (LO2).
3. In detail, explain the functions for one of the chosen organisations, using an organisation
chart to show how the functions interrelate and an explanation of how they relate to structure
4. Use contemporary examples to demonstrate both the positive and negative influence/impact
the macro environment has on business operations (LO3).
5. Determine the internal strengths and weaknesses of specific businesses and explain their
interrelationship with external macro factors (LO4)

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