business memo sas data analysis

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In this assignment, you will use SAS and Excel to analyze the data set and submit a business memo (template attached) that clearly communicates your analysis of the data set you identified.

Research Question and Data Set:

The main research content of this project I want to do is about the relationship between educational attainment and occupation, specifically about the bachelor’s degree. I would like to choose the education level of workers aged 25 and above as my independent research project through detailed occupation. There are different occupations to different degrees, and the degree also determines the difficulty of the job to some extent. Some people have also been wondering, does my degree meet the basic requirements for my dream job? Or is it easy to find a job where I have a degree? Like most people around us, when someone has a bachelor’s degree, can he or she find a good job? Therefore, I decided to analyze the percentage of people who earn bachelor’s degrees and use three types of jobs: senior manager, technician and teacher.

The data set comes from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, which named “Educational attainment for workers 25 years and older by detailed occupation”. The data set includes 822 records and has 9 attributes.

The datasets link:…

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