mgr work 2

Post A

1. Think of a really good work situation you’ve had (or a member of a student organization). Based on the four organizational culture we have discussed in class, what type of culture was it?

2. Describe how the culture is expressed in three levels. You can draw on “how employees learn culture” section and use specific examples to support your answer.

Post B

VIDEO CASE: Freshii Restaurants on Connect Chapter 8

Summary of Activity:

In this video case, watch how Freshii Restaurants uses a flat organizational structure to empower employees and allow for quick decision making. This organizational structure matches with Freshii’s culture.

Follow-Up Activity:

Discuss the connection between Freshii’s structure and its culture

  1. What type of organizational structure does Freshii use?
  2. How does this structure align with Freshii’s corporate mission and values? How about its overall culture?
  3. How can Freshii ensure that its individual franchises are abiding by its stated culture?

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