nur4681cbe high risk and vulnerable global population


As a nurse on the ethics committee of a free clinic, you are educating staff on a high-risk or vulnerable population in the community. You focus on a health condition that affects the community and also impacts the population globally. To help explain the topic, you plan to show the staff a concept map.


Create a concept map showing the relationship of health disparities, pertinent determinants of health, ethical considerations, and human rights for a condition affecting a high-risk or vulnerable population. Your concept map should:

  • Identify the main concept (a condition affecting a high-risk or vulnerable population)
  • Describe the supporting subtopics of:
    • Health disparities impacting the population globally
    • Pertinent determinants of health (at least three)
    • Ethical considerations (at least three)
    • Human rights from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (at least three)


For information on creating concept maps, please click here.

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