1 in what ways was the immigration act of 1924 a response to the new immigrants 2 were the open door policy and the roosevelt corollary consistent as u s foreign policy doctrines 3 what role did muckraking journalism play in helping to define the

1) In what ways was the Immigration Act of 1924 a response to the New Immigrants?

2) Were the Open Door Policy and the Roosevelt Corollary consistent as U.S. foreign policy doctrines?

3) What role did Muckraking Journalism play in helping to define the Progressive Era?

– Essay form for each question, exceeding no more than two pages per question

-Adequately define and discuss the significance of each term (terms are in bold) in the process of answering each question

-No citations necessary but plagiarism will be checked

-If information isnt found on the provided documents, some research may be required

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