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I found your post very informational and the image you chose directly relates to the curriculum development process.  The design stage sounds super important, as this is where the overall structure for the curriculum is mapped out.  You have pointed out that the design cannot be changed in later stages once commitment to one is chosen.  Why is this?

The design stage in my curriculum process was called the ideate step.  It was similar in that this is where all of the ideas are laid out on the table.  My step called this brainstorming.

I think you have clearly spelled out what then happens in the development stage with stating who, when, and where things should be completed.  What types of resources do you think would be used during this step?

I really felt that your describe each stage very well. I found the evaluation stage. “If the intended outcome is realized, then the curriculum development process was a success if not then the intended purpose was not achieved.” If the intended purpose was not achieved should the develop team go back to implementation stage or start over at the designing stage?

Finally, the evaluation stage and review stage was described in detail.  It sounds like this is where it all comes together, and those involved in the curriculum process find out what they did right or what needs to improve.  You mention the recorded findings are analyzed, and I am curious to know in what ways is this information gathered? For example, are the faculty recording information from a student project?

Nice post!

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