foundation counseling week 6

Section 1

Post the following to the Blog:

  • Identify personal self-care practices you have chosen and how you intend to incorporate them regularly during your program and in your professional practice.

My personal care is daily exercise

Section 2

To prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources for Modules 1 and 2 and consider the resources needed to complete and finalize your PDP.
  • Review and use the Professional Counselor’s Portrait as a guide/example as you finalize your PDP.

Part A:

Based on the PDP Template, complete Section 1 to include the following:

  • A counselor identity statement
  • A list of resources you plan to access for your academic and professional success.

Note: Please make sure your resources are listed in proper APA format.

  • Self-care strategies to maintain a healthy balance in your life
  • A schedule for counseling and curricular training

Part B:

Based on the PDP Template, complete Section 2, which includes the following:

  • Begin to think about your professional goals including plans for licensure and certification in your field
  • Review of post-graduate credentials
  • Credentialing Skill Development Activity




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