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Ethical Dilemma Paper: Part One

Students will write an analysis integrating various sources of knowledge – the textbook, the Bible, and the NASW Code of Ethics. The paper will be in APA format. No abstract is necessary for this paper.

This paper will be broken into two parts.

Part One:

The first part of this paper is addressing your initial gut reaction. You will start by describing the ethical dilemma that you chose from the approved list. Then you will describe your “gut” reaction to this problem. This paper should be written in proper APA formatting with a title page and be 3-4 pages long (not including title and reference page). An abstract is not necessary; however, a correctly formatted title and reference page are required. The proper use of headings will help organize your paper.

The paper must align with the following guidelines:

  • Describe the ethical dilemma.
    • Describe the scenario in your own words. Do NOT copy and paste.
    • Define the actual dilemma – This is the decision that you must make.
    • Whom does the dilemma impact (or whom could it potentially impact) and how? This is the ripple effect of the dilemma. Think deeply and broadly, and demonstrate that you understand the impact of the dilemma.
    • Describe the competing values present in the dilemma from the list of 6 social work values in the NASW Code of Ethics. How are the values relevant in this the dilemma, and how do they compete with each other?
  • Describe your first “gut” solution to the problem. This section should demonstrate not only an understanding of the NASW Code of Ethics, but also self-awareness and an understanding of how your own experiences have shaped how you make decisions. Simply stating the decision that you would make will not suffice. This section is where you will discuss not only what you would do, but why.

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