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1. answer the following areas of your sobriety path for 3 weeks each week in a separate documnt using the concepts and terms from a 12 step path( attached to the question):

1. Identify your stage of change (Pre-contemplation, contemplation, etc.) Read the The Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change) for definitions to the stages.

2. Describe how your stage of change relates to your ability to stay “sober” (abstinence from sugar, etc.)

3. Assess your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors through the following areas:

  • daily experiences and feelings including self talk about eating,
  • physical state (cravings, triggers, health, energy, sleep, nutrition)
  • psychological state (motivation, emotions, coping skills, self-esteem,
  • thoughts, insights, confidence, self-efficacy, emotional management)

  • social life (social support, undermining, changes, friends, family, classmates, insights about others, reactions by others) did you reach out for support
  • spiritual state (choices, honesty, belief systems, ethics, practices, honesty, personal value system)
  • environment (impact of media, advertising, social mores)
  • 4. Explore what helps or hinders your ability to stay “sober.”

  • Do you have a daily plan to help you through the next few weeks?
  • What readings or therapeutic tools could you access, or did access, to assist in your “sobriety?”
  • 5. Briefly outline your plan for next week to address any issues with maintaining your “sobriety.” What new interventions could be implemented to help if you did not maintain your “sobriety?”

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