use r studio

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o = self; correlation = similarity).Based on Tobler’s Law, we expect measurements closer in space to have higher spatial autocorrelation.

To give you a sense of the power that computerized spatial analysis can offer, this lab walks you through how to investigate crime in Seattle.Your task is not to understand all of the R code (but please do try), but rather to use the code to produce some nice maps and interpret the results.

Start by putting the Lab_6 (unzipped) folder where you want to work with it.- Open the R script file (SpatialR_Lab_6.R) in R.

The lines of code in this script use the spatial data that are included in the same folder.Copy and paste the lines in it individually into the console.Complete the following questions in a separate Word document as you make your way through the code.Insert maps into the document where needed and include proper figure captions.Note that you may have difficulty getting the legends perfect when mapping in R, but do what you can.

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