phil 150 2 discussion questions 250 350 words apa each

DQ 1

Belief in God is irrational. Discuss.

DQ 2

“Some people claim that the universe looks as if it was designed by a good and benevolent designer only if one ignores much of reality. For example, consider this description of a horrific event from Elspeth Huxley’s autobiographical account of growing up in Africa early in the 20th century:

[Baby chicks] had hatched the day before, in the night a column of siafu, those black, purposeful, implacable, and horribly sinister warrior ants, had marched through the nest. In the morning the yellow chicks were limp, bedraggled, soiled little corpses with their insides eaten out, lying in the nest. The hen was alive, and that was the worst part of it, for the ants had swarmed over her and eaten half her flesh away and her eyes, and she lay there twitching now and then, as if to demonstrate that unreasoning persistence of life that is the very core of cruelty.

Such events are commonplace in nature.

How would you reconcile such events with the view that the universe was created by a wise, good, and benevolent creator?”

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