staffing includes planning recruitment and selection the process an organization uses to ensure that it always has the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills in the right jobs at the right time to achieve organizational objectives

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Each group will be assigned a Human Resource Function to research during the residency. The group will research the HR Function and prepare a 6 page paper that provides a research supported explanation of the HR function, an identified problem or challenge that organizations encounter when performing the HR function, and an explanation of how blockchain technology could help solve that problem or address that challenge. This paper should be in APA style and follow the writing requirements for this course. You may use the assigned course readings in this paper, but are required to use an additional 5 sources.

The paper should include the following sections:

1) Introduction: include some background information, the purpose of the paper, and a preview of the paper

2) Description of how the HR Function is traditionally practiced

3) Description of problems or challenges organizations face when performing this function

4) Explanation of how blockchain technology can help address the identified problem or challenge

5) Conclusion

6) References

One of the following Human Resource Functions will be assigned to each group:

1) Staffing: Includes planning, recruitment and selection. The process an organization uses to ensure that it always has the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills in the right jobs, at the right time, to achieve organizational objectives.

Your group will also deliver a presentation of this project. The presentation rubric provided in the classroom will be used to grade the presentation. Each group member must participate equally in the presentation. Power point is required and the presentation should last 15 minutes. Do not use animations in the power point design. Email the power point slides to me Sunday morning before class begins.The presentation is worth 50 points and the paper is worth 150 points.

The following writing requirements must be followed for all initial discussion posts and papers submitted:

  • References MUST be cited within your paper in APA format. Your reference page and in-text citations must match 100%. Papers without in-text citations will earn failing grades.
  • Always include a cover page and reference page with ALL submissions (even initial discussion posts).
  • Provide the EXACT web link on the reference page citations for all online sources – do not provide just the home page, but the EXACT LINK – I check all sources.
  • No abbreviations, no contractions – write formally
  • Write in the third person formal voice (no first or second person pronouns).
  • Write MORE than the minimum requirement of the word count assigned.
  • As always, the word count is ONLY for the BODY of the paper – the cover page, reference page, and / or Appendix (if included) do not count towards the word count for the paper.
  • Indent the first line of each new paragraph five spaces.
  • Refer to the example APA paper in the getting started folder under the content tab if you need an example. Also, a Power Point is provided under the information tab that addresses APA format.
  • Use double-spacing / zero point line spacing, a running header, page numbers, and left justify the margins.

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