comparative practice 1


You had completed this assignment a few days ago. It needs to include the five tests of reasoning. I have attached the paper you wrote and also the lesson that includes the reading on the five tests (familiarity, simplicity, comprehensiveness, productivity, and testability)

Can this be added to the paper please? Below are complete isturctions:

  • Option 1 – Research : Use an Internet search engine like Google and search for voter campaigns like Rock the Vote or voter drives associated with a particular candidate or political party. As you browse the Web sites, look for text or media that use comparative reasoning to drive the argument. When you find a good example, write 4-5 paragraphs about the reasoning.
    • Paragraph 1: Summarize the text including where you found it and the comparison it made.
    • Body paragraphs: Place the argument through the five tests of reasoning listed in this lesson (and in Chapter 12) and use specific examples to show how it passes or fails the tests.
    • Final Paragraph: Conclude by offering a suggestion as to how you would change the text (if it had issues) or by stating what strengths were most convincing to you.

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