sales and marketing 9

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Understanding Buyers, Markets and Organizational Customers

A customer is the one who receives a product or service from a seller, vendor, or supplier. Some form of money or other benefit changes hands. Understanding who the specific customer is will affect both marketing and selling. It is important to communicate effectively and clearly with the customer.

    Organizational and Consumer Buying

    Consumer and organizational buyer behavior are sub-categories of marketing. An understanding of both enable businesses to understand the needs, preferences and behavior of buyers, as well as the internal and external factors that influence buyer behavior. Buyer behavior is concerned with the selection and purchase of products or services to satisfy a need for individuals or groups. It occurs for an individual consumer; an individual consumer in the context of a group; or an organization. Understanding buyer behavior has important implications for salespeople, sales management, and organizational success.

    Read the following chapters in the assigned text:

    Chapter 5: Understanding Consumer Behavior

    Chapter 6: Understanding Organizations as Customers

    Watch the LinkedIn Learning video: Understanding Exactly Who your Customer Is from the course: SEO Ecommerce with Steve Harris

    Watch the LinkedIn Learning video: Creating Buyer Personas from the course: SEO Ecommerce with Steve Harris

    Watch: 13 Short Customer Service Videos

    Read the following and respond:

    Describe the stages of the purchase decision for a typical consumer when purchasing a new car. What are possible psychological and sociological influences on the consumer purchase decision process?


    • Minimum Page Length – 2 full pages (excluding title/header and reference list); 12-point Times New Roman; double spaced; and page numbering.
    • Be sure to answer the entire question to receive maximum credit for this task.
    • Use and include information from the weekly course content and outside sources to support the conclusions contained in the paper.
    • All sources should be cited in proper APA format (in-text citations and a reference list).

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