8 4 assignment filing articles of incorporation


Here are the instructions for this assignment:

Sally texts you, “I have your next assignment. I emailed it to you. Check your inbox!” After opening your email you discover, among other things, that Sally sent you a link to register the company using the Articles of Incorporation (SunBiz). (Links to an external site.) Sally provides you with the instruction: “Fill it out NOW and submit assignment!” That’s Sally’s way of asking you to follow the link to the Division of Corporations for Florida and fill out the Articles of Incorporation.

In addition, Sally has provided information for review regarding Franchising. Perform your due diligence and review the official requirements for completing the articles. Complete the articles and submit them for review. Use all information provided thus far about Sally and the new business. This includes information provided in the case study information. You are allowed to assume answers where no direct information can be found.

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