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Journal Reflection #2 Stress and Disease

Pick ONE of the following topics:

Please indicate what topic you will be discussing.

  • Find someone with a stress-related problem or disease and interview him or her about situations that trigger the problem. Find out what kind of treatment has been given by his or her doctor to see whether stress management or relaxation training is among them.
  • Think about the last time you were ill. Were you under an unusual amount of stress just before your illness? Ask several of your friends the same question. Does there seem to be any relationship between their perception of stress and the onset of illness?
  • Explore the latest findings about the relationship of stress to cancer.
  • Get involved in your community by identifying a person with one of the conditions presented in this chapter. List ways that you can help this person alleviate the stress component of his or her condition.
  • Watch a TED Talk or YouTube video about Stress and Disease. What were the findings about the relationship between stress, disease, and illness?

Assignment Instructions/Expectations

12 font

Double spaced

Times Roman

1 page minimum

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