spch an interpersonal relationship

Your book discusses two perspectives of looking at your interpersonal relationships–relationships with people who have significance your life–the Developmental Perspective and the Dialectical perspective. For the purposes of this assignment, you will analyze one of your past or current interpersonal relationships (can be a romantic partner or a friend) through the Developmental Perspective (Chapter 7, pages 194-197 in your textbook). You also watched the video above on interpersonal conflict, and you will also include an analysis of the communication climate (Chapter 8, pages 216-222) and a conflict (pages 222-226) in that interpersonal relationship. You will have 3-4 paragraphs written that cover these concepts as they relate to your chosen relationship.

In your paragraphs, address these prompts:

  • Briefly describe the time period in which this relationship occurred or is occurring and who the other person is to you.
  • Look at the ten Stages of the Developmental Model on pages 194-197. Out of those ten, describe, in chronological order how at least 5 applied (apply) this relationship. You may use more, but not less than 5. You should label each stage with underline, highlight, bold, italicize or CAPITAL LETTERS. These first two parts are worth 50 points.
  • Then describe the communication climate using at least 3 terms from pages 216-222 You should label each term with underline, highlight, bold, italicize or CAPITAL LETTERS. Was the climate confirming or disconfirming? What characteristics were present? Which of Gibb’s categories of supportive and defensive language might have been present? Give at least one example.
  • Last, describe a time when you had a conflict with this individual. What style of expressing conflict from pages 222-226 did you use during this conflict and what did the other person use? Choose two terms from pages 222-226 and make sure to label each style with underline, highlight, bold, italicize or CAPITAL LETTERS. This last part is worth 50 points. In total, this assignment is worth 100 points.

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