hospitality industry essay

The coursework is an individual essay that critically analyses one argument found in the literature on a topic that is relevant to the development and/or operation of resorts or spas.

To start with, select a topic that appeals to you based resort sustainability. Starting with the material on the Moodle page, research the topic and in the literature find an argument (two clearly contrasting perspectives). Analyse, assess, compare and contrast the different perspectives then give your opinion and justify it.

Please ensure that you link the contrasting perspectives you are writing about to the relevant theories discussed in class and that you justify your opinion for instance by contextualising it in your country of origin or in a resort you have experience as a guest of employee.

  • Acknowledgements: If appropriate, provide a page acknowledging those who helped you complete the assessment.

  • Content page: List the contents (Introduction, Findings and Analysis, Conclusion, References) and the page numbers they appear on.

  • Introduction: In approximately 200-300 words set the background, explain the argument, and explain how you are approaching the argument in the findings and analysis section.

  • Findings and analysis: In approximately 2’000 words present one side of the argument, the other side of the argument and give your opinion. Be factual and provide enough clarity for the reader to understand where you are coming from.

  • Conclusion: In approximately 200-300 words summarize the main points and justify your opinion.

  • References: Provide a reference list of all sources.

  • Appendix: No appendix. 

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