virtual visit assignment 3 6 pages double spaced replaces library learning assignment in week 4

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Virtual Visit Assignment (3-6 pages, double-spaced) – Replaces Library Learning Assignment in Week 4

Virtually visit a public facility (i.e., use the Internet to find a virtual tour on video or using a technology like Google “Street View”) and develop a report on the risk exposures that you see.

OK, that is the assignment. Here are some guidelines/suggestions:

  • If you find a virtual tour that doesn’t have people in it, please envision the facility filled with the usual number of people. That will help you identify risks.
  • Try to find one that has both exterior and interior views so you can identify any exterior and entrance/exit risks as well as those inside.
  • If you are at a loss for ideas, here are a couple places I found (which should present lots of risk exposures):
  • You are free to find your own facility to evaluate, but you MUST include, as a reference, the site you use.

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