argumentive essay 10

The goal of this essay is to develop and put into practice the necessary skills to craft an argumentative essay, in order to make a point and hopefully convince your audience that you are correct. In order to accomplish this, you’ll be proposing some improvement on a small, local scale that you think would make life better. This could be something in your hometown, something in your neighborhood, something at ATC, etc. Examples for topics that I have seen in the past include, ways to improve MARTA, ways to help the homeless population, ways to reduce student loan debt, etc. For this paper, you should have at least 4 sources that help back up your arguments. Through your research, you should explain the problem, identify a solution that you think could be realistically put into practice, and convince your audience that this is a solution they should support. This may mean explaining why it is better than other possible solutions or things that have been tried in the past.

Needs to have an introduction with a thesis

Needs to explain a problem on a LOCAL scale

needs to provide a solution to the problem

needs to use 4 sources

3 Pages double spaced

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