need a powerpoint on american history chapter 9

all the instructions will be here. You guys can use the PowerPoint of chapter 9 to help guide you in terms of 1. Nationalism after the war of 1812, what the federal government pursued to strengthen the national economy. 2.Sectionalism: how did Henry clay’s American system supported the country economically. 3. Era of good feelings: janes Monroe term in office, how did it help the cotton industry? Or did it? 4.National Diplomacy what were the achievements with trades with the old enemies? The transcontinental treaty? 5. The election the demise of the federalists the Republicans and Andrew Jackson. When was the second bank I’d the US established? The treaty between the US and Great Britain 🇬🇧? The convention of 1818? The panic of 1819? The Missouri comprise? Florida become a territory? The Monroe doctrine? Supreme Court issues of 1824.

Reference page with Citations cover page with chapter and members information. 12 slides PowerPoint. If any questions just ask me and it basically has to be 12 slides on This Chapter. Everything that is said above.

Thank you

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