essay about tourism and second home

1. Prepare a comprehensively refereed paper on of approximately 3000 words on a subject related to your chosen Emerging Issues theme and as agreed with your assigned lecturer( Tourism and Second Home). Critical Assessment and Synthesis of significant reading should be evident, well honed research skills should be identifiable, and a clearly enunciated argument made. Knowledge of best relevant industry practice and academic research should be included.

2. A minimum of fifteen accredited academic sources should be referenced; at least eight of these should be journal articles.

3. The paper should include: Title, introduction (interest, rationale, context, range and objectives), development (key points, logical sequence and reference), conclusion (recap key points, link forward), list of references.

4. Papers are to be prepared on MS Word. The paper is to be submitted in class

no later than 1400 21/4/20.

5. You are required to submit a hard copy of Page 1 of the Urkund Originality Report which identifies the results of the matching process. Please staple this page at the end of your assessment. Students should ensure that your individual assessments have matching scores below 15%.

6. The Harvard Referencing System, as detailed in the School Reference Handbook,

is to be employed throughout the paper.

7. The paper will be marked according to the following scheme:

Organisation/Layout/Referencing 15%, Depth of Research 30%, Synthesis 25%,

Structure of Argument 15%, Overall 15%. (themes confirmed in Week 2, cannot be

dissertation related)

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