texas government 18

1) What is the difference between Political Parties and Political Ideologies?

2) What role do third parties and independents play in our political system?

3) Summarize the 5 eras of Texas Political History (1840’s to 1870’s, 1870’s to 1970’s, 1970’s to 1990’s, 2000 to 2016, & 2016 and Beyond)

4) Explain the structure of Political Parties

Chapter 5: Campaigns and Elections

1) Explain how Political Campaigns are structured

2) Explain how Political Campaigns are carried out

3) Explain the role of ethnicity in plays in Political Campaigns

4) Explain the obstacles to voting and what affects voter turnout

5) Explain the difference between the general, primary, and special elections

Chapter 6: The Media and Politics

1) Explain the different ways Americans obtain information

2) How does the media influence the Texas political system

3) Explain how bias affects the media

4) Explain how the media is regulated

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