assignment 4 the question and the expectation are included in the requirements section

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Considering that you are trying to establish a top Golf Company (Your Business Opportunity) in India.

Identify companies that:

  • have business activities similar (or related) to the business opportunity you are proposing(Top Golf); and
  • operate in the country(India) that you are considering for your international business enterprise.

Competitive Advantages

Discuss the competitive advantages of these companies. (For example, some companies may gain a competitive advantage as a result of access to raw materials, others may gain an advantage through the use of technology for production and distribution or as a result of a well-known brand name.)

Based on the country (or countries) you are analyzing for your global business enterprise, research information related to the following areas:

Government and Politics

Describe the type of government and recent political developments that could influence the economic and business environment of the country. (For example, various events in recent years in the Middle East have contributed to an uncertainty when doing business with some countries.)

Formal Trade Barriers

Identify formal trade barriers (tariffs and other taxes, foreign exchange controls, ownership restrictions) that might require a company to adapt its business strategy.

Intellectual Property

Discuss the country’s regulations to protect intellectual property, such as brand names, copyrights, patents, software, music, videos. (Some countries do not enforce these laws resulting in the pirating of products and lost profits for companies.)

In a separate Word document (5-7 pages), prepare a summary report consisting of the following components:

  • A discussion of potential competitors and their global business activities.
  • An overview of government regulations, taxes, and formal trade barriers that affect global business activities.
  • A synopsis of intellectual property rights and regulations.
  • Recommend actions that might be necessary for an existing company or a new enterprise with regard to factors in the political and legal environment. Provide evidence to support your proposal.


  • Length: 5-7 pages
  • References: APA Style

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