revised research question

Revisiting Your Research Question and First Person Reserved Writing

Based on your instructor’s feedback and recommendations, as a journal discussion, post the latest version of your action research question or practitioner inquiry question. Continue discussing your revision ideas with your instructor. Provide an update to your project status and where you stand with finding and reading research for your literature review.

At the beginning of each new journal entry, please indicate the capstone course that you are planning pursue as a reminder to your instructor. This will help ensure you receive feedback appropriate to your focus!

Read the First Person Reserved Click for more options

(Concordia University – Portland, n.d.-d) handout, let your instructor

know you understand the material, and ask any questions you may

have. This type of writing is still scholarly writing, but offers you

the opportunity to speak about yourself/your experiences in a more

flowing style. This will be useful to you in the capstone experience.

Reply to any feedback or questions from your instructor by Saturday night.

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