for this paper minimum 8 10 pages typed and double spaced you will conduct interviews with two older persons one age 60 84 and one age 85 or older 2

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introductory Section:

Names and ages of persons you interviewed, your relationship to them (i.e.,grandparent, parent, etc.) and why they were selected. If you are unfamiliar with people in these two age groups, please consider contacting the directors of assisted living communities or nursing homes for the names of persons whom you can interview.

the questions that should be included in the interview are:

1.What is the most significant world event you have experienced and why?

2.In what ways have things changed and how have things remained the same in your lifetime?

3.What do you like most/least about the aging process?

4.If you could share one thing with the youth of today, what would it be?

5.What gives you a sense of meaning and purpose in your life?

6.What plans do you have for the future?


In this section you will identify the similarities as well as the differences that emerged among the generations you interviewed, including your own generation

relationships: Grandma- 61 years old, and grandpa- 85 years old

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