follow guidelines attached below in the world file 2

solve these 10 easy questions in excel

Hello, I have attached a couple of documents. The word document is the attachment with the instructions and the rest are the questions from the textbook. Please read the instructions carefully as the answers have to be on an excel spreadsheet.

Please answer the following questions from your textbook. SHOW ALL WORK, to receive credit. Submit one spreadsheet (must be in Microsoft excel format) and upload it on the blackboard by the class start on April 14th. Please name your file using the following naming convention: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_HW2_SECTION#. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in final score reduction.

  • Problems from Chapter 5: E5.1, E5.3, E5.9, E5.13
  • Problems from Chapter 8: E8.1, E8.3, E8.5, E8.6
  • Problems from Chapter 10: E10.4, E10.5

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