be sure to save an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to ashworth college for grading unless otherwise stated answer in complete sentences and be sure to use correct us english spelling and grammar use apa format for your paper incl

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Your final project has two parts:

Part One: A traditional term paper on any approved topic discussed in this course (2500 to 3500 words). You submitted your topic for approval in Module 3.

Part Two: The Appendix to your paper. Part Two should be written in first person; that is, use the words “I” and “we” in this part. With one of these three roles in mind (current role/employer, previous role, role you want to apply for), using 500-1000 words answer these three questions:

  1. What did you learn as you wrote your paper?
  2. What surprised you about what you learned?
  3. What do you now want to know more about?

Paper Requirements

  1. Use a minimum of six (6) sources. At least three of these sources must be scholarly (using peer-reviewed journals from the library, not the internet at large)(You can access ProQuest through the Library page in the Course Introduction section). One of these sources can be the one you used for your Journal Article Review in your Journal Article assignment.
  2. Sources should be recent ones (written within the last decade, unless you have prior approval for a specific older source).
  3. Ensure that you cite all sources properly, including using quotation marks to indicate direct quotes.
  4. Create a reference list that includes all sources you used to research and write your paper. Make sure that every source mentioned in your paper appears on the Reference page, and that every source in your list of references appears in your paper.
  5. If you mention a current or previous employer or co-worker/manager in your project, please change the name(s).
  6. Review the Final Project Grading Criteria in the rubric.
  7. Review the Frequently Asked Questions for this assignment.
  8. TIP: Here’s how to see the number of words in your document using Microsoft Word, both for the entire document and for a specific section.

Ideas for topics:

Find something you are truly interested in, rather than picking the first one you see. Is there something that frustrates you at work? Something your manager does that you can’t quite understand why he/she does it? Look through the learning objectives for each of the lessons. Many of these can be turned into project ideas.

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