250 words DQ

First, view the four films in the documentary film series, Research Methods in the Social Sciences. In addition, read Chapter 2 of the course text. Then select one of the six research questions listed in the bullets below:

  • Anthropology: Why do some people believe in religious teachings, while others do not?
  • Political Science: Why do so few people vote?
  • Psychology: Why do some people enjoy gambling, while others do not?
  • Sociology: How are poverty and education related?
  • History: Were ancient civilizations more violent than modern civilizations?
  • Economics: How do student loans affect the economy?

Your response will be two paragraphs in length. In the first paragraph, compose a survey question to help answer this research question. Identify the audience for the survey question as well as the method of delivery. Then, evaluate your survey question. How will it help you answer the research question? What are its limitations?

In the second paragraph, select a field method approach from Chapter 2 of the text: ethnography, participant observation, and case study. Describe how this approach would be conducted. Then, evaluate your approach. How will it help answer the research question? What are its limitations? Your initial post must be at least 250 words, excluding the question prompt and the references. Please cite your sources in APA format both in-text and in full reference citations at the end of the post.

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