organisation behaviour 2

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Assessment 1: Case Analysis [Team Project 3-5 students] (25%)

In this project, team members will write a case of an organization that is experiencing difficulty because of the lack of attention to key organizational behavioral practices. The report will also include recommendations to further improve employee and team behavior in that organization. The team report Only 1500 words (excluding references and graphic appendices). An executive summary is NOT required for the submitted report, but should be added to any report sent to the organization. Please note that penalties apply to reports that exceed the word limit.

Guidelines for Group Case Analysis:

  1. 1. Problem statement at individual, team, and organisational levels, as applicable. Consider root causes and contributing factors to identified problems, Ethical dilemma, Gender and culture sensitivity and global implications.
  1. 2. Decision criteria and weights
  1. 3. Alternative courses of action, at least 3, considering the aforementioned aspects
  1. 4. Evaluation of alternatives using the decision criteria and preparing the decision table
  1. 5. Best solution and its logic
  1. 6. Action steps for implementation, including time sequence, responsible persons, and resource requirements
  1. 7. Write-up of management policy and procedures to be written from lessons learned in the problem tackled
  1. 8. Government lobby position to be taken, if any, or strategic alliances required
  2. Diagnostic Logic. The diagnosis of the organization’s practices, and other issues in the topic should fit the conceptual framework and well-thought out logic. In other words, evaluate corporate practices using expert sources (conceptual models, expert statements, past practices described in the literature), not your own gut feel that these practices “look good.”

  3. Appropriate Scope. The report should be well-balanced with respect to depth and breadth of discussion. Teams should avoid taking on a project that only allows a broad, superficial presentation, such as a company that offers limited information and has very poor employee engagement practices.Research Foundation. The report should be based on a complement of up-to-date and relevant literature beyond the course readings. All literature must be appropriately referenced using an acceptable citation method. Although outside literature is required, this is an applied report, not literature review paper. Thus, information must be presented concisely and integrated with the corporate information throughout the organizational analysis.Report Organization. The report should present efficiently and organize it logically. The report should use headings and subheadings to effectively guide the reader and should avoid unnecessarily repeating information. The content of the report should “flow” easily so that the reader does not have difficulty understanding it or following the discussion. For example, the subheadings and material within each subheading should be linked logically. Information from the organization should be effectively woven together with the conceptual framework.Recommendation Soundness. The report must clearly identify a set of recommendations that correspond to the organizational analysis presented in the report. Recommendations should be specific rather than general platitudes. They should flow logically from the diagnosis and information provided.Report Style. Please write a cohesive report, not as separate chapters by different people. Spelling and other grammatical errors are unacceptable. The report should be informative, yet concise. Fully cite the sources of all concepts and examples, applying the referencing protocol described later in this unit outline. Finally, the report should be formatted and packaged neatly.

    Submission of Assignments
    Late assignments will attract a penalty of 5% per day. This penalty will be waived by the lecturer only in exceptional circumstances. No marks will be awarded to assignments submitted after other students in the class have had their assignments returned.Group Project OutlineTitle Page (1 page)Abstract: (optional, 200 words)Introduction: Company information and the goal of this project (1-2 pages)Company analysis:Explain the variables of interest and provide reasons for researching these variables•Variable 1 (define variable, show why it’s important for the company, andanalyze what is going on in the company in relation to the variable of interest.You can cite reports, news, and/or any relevant information)• Variable 2•Variable 3• Variable 4• Variable 5(4-6 Pages)Defining the problem: Give a brief summary of your analysis of the variables and whatproblems have you found in relation to these variables. State and highlight the mostimportant problem and justify why it is important to resolve this problem. (1 page)Alternatives: Discuss and analyze 3-10 alternatives to solve the problem. pages)Recommendation: Choose one of the alternatives as recommendation and providerational behind your recommendation. (1-2 pages)Conclusion (optional)

Please follow the instructions

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