african art history the relationship of art to life in sub saharan africa

1. Compare and contrast the four artworks provided (Kongo Crucifix, Ethiopian Cross, Bust of Ooni, and Josy Ajiboye’s Ooni painting).

2. Use artworks A, B and C to discuss the lost-wax process of bronze casting

3. Use the concept of cultural appropriation to discuss how artworks A and B adapted Christianity, and artwork D adapted modernism in African art.


Interpretation of these artworks should discuss their origins, historical relevance, functions and symbolism.

Define your terms properly so that they support your analysis of the images. Appropriation means adaptation, as in when artists in one context translate and transform cross-cultural concepts from another context.

Cite all references, especially online references using footnotes

Avoid merely duplicating information from external sources: plagiarism will be seriously penalized.

Format: Research Paper Number of pages: 6 double-spaced pages and one page bibliography.

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