advertising project 1

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MKT486 Project

The Agency

FileA 1-page summary of the following information

o Name of your agency

o List of the employees (and titles) of each member

• Examples include: Account Managers (identify client needs and helps to create a creative plan); Creative Director; Research Director, Traffic Manager (i.e. the organizer, who helps to keeps deadlines and ensures productivity). These titles are meant to get a discussion going about what are the strengths of each member and how will the responsibilities be divided among group members. Don’t fixate on the title but on hammering out the responsibility of each member.

• Also include the contact information for each member (email address and phone number)

• Put an asterisk by the person who agrees to be my ‘contact point’ for the group. In other words, if I need to get a message to the group, who will be my first phone call.

The Brand

File A brief list of three existing brands that you would like to work with

o Your primary choice should be marked number one

o Your second and third choices should also be marked

o The brand needs to be a consumer goods or service brand and must be approved by me.

Background Report

File A 3-5 page SWOT analysis (double spaced)

o Make sure to cite all references

o Make sure to identify all strong competition (think outside the box—Coke’s top competitor may be Pepsi, but they are also competing against bottled water, fruit juice, etc.)

o Identify at least three segments that provide the greatest opportunity (explain why)

Create (and Sell) your Brand Message

File A 25 page description of your IMC plan (double spaced)

o Who are you targeting?

• Discuss the segment you have chosen to target (defend your decision)

o What is your message?

• Themes, Slogans, Recurring elements of your campaign (explain the rationale for this particular message)

o How do you plan to disseminate your message?

• Discuss the media forms you would use (again, defend the plan)

• This involves doing research on the media outlets you have chosen to ensure that they are reaching your target and that you will not incur excess media waste (be sure to cite your statistics).

Final Ad/Promotional Campaign

File Create a campaign that spreads your message through three ads by choosing following media vehicles. The same media vehicle cannot be used more than twice for the same brand. For example, you may do one coupon, one poster, and one web page ad for Coca Cola, or one coupon and two TV ads for Coca Cola. However, you cannot do three coupons for Coca Cola. You have following options for the ad campaign project:

TV ad

Radio ad

Newspaper ad

Magazine ad



Event flier


Web page ad (e.g., banner ad)

Social media ad

PR event

email ad


Oral Presentation

File Present your work (from start to finish) to the class in a 15 minute, PowerPoint presentation.

o Everyone must have a speaking part

o Spend some time on the background, with a focus on the plan (the rationale), the ads, and how the ads will make sense to your target market

o Be sure to incorporate or address all changes that have been made/suggested on past pieces of this project

Project Grading:

The Agency & Choosing the Brand—————–5

Background Report——————————-20

Create (and Sell) your Brand Message———20

Final Ad/Promotional Campaign—————45

Oral Presentation———————————10


Total100 pts

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