sandwich generation 1

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These are two separate questions that should be answered separately with a minimum of 200 words and include an in text cite.

1)Discuss the inherent issues associated with the impact of divorce on a member of the “Sandwich Generation” who is currently dealing with aging parents in failing health (it can be a male or female member). Postulate the relationships that would necessarily change and the implications for working with the family as client that the MFT would need to consider.

2)Consider a scenario in which a member of the sandwich generation (can be male or female) is at the center of family controversy in which they are considering making a major life change (it could be changing careers, returning to school, buying a new home, etc.). Consider ways in which the life change you select may impact the recent relocation of an elderly parent to the home of the adult child. Postulate the impact of the change on various members of the household (you can select the family size/configuration).

Reading to answer the questions correctly

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