web research 6

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1. Select one (1) of the following questions for research. Research sources of information can include Internet sources, books, articles, videos, etc. Every explanation must include a picture/diagram that helps detail your answer. Then post your answer to one of these in Web Research 6.

  • Discuss the evidence for Snowball Earth.
    • What is the Snowball Earth hypothesis?
    • What evidence exists that the Earth was covered with ice?
    • When did Snowball Earth events take place?
    • How did the Earth turn into a snowball? What caused it?
    • Provide pictures/diagrams to illustrate.
  • How did the continental crust of the Earth form?
    • How is the continental crust different from the oceanic crust?
    • What was there before continental crust formed?
    • Where do we find remnants of Earth’s earliest continental crust?
    • What type of rocks are these?
    • Provide pictures and/or diagrams to illustrate.
  • What lifeforms existed during the Archean?
    • What are stromatolites?
      • Discuss the importance of stromatolites in the formation of Earth’s modern atmosphere.
      • Do paleontologists believe that stromatolites were the earliest organisms on Earth? Why or why not?
    • Discuss and provide evidence for other lifeforms during the Archean.
    • Provide at least one picture or diagram.
  • What are banded iron formations?
    • Where do we find them?
    • Why are they so important relative to the early atmosphere on Earth?
    • Are they still forming today? Why or why not?
    • Provide a picture or diagram.

2. In Web Research 6

    • State the question(s) you selected to research.
    • Post a synopsis, based on the results of your research, with answers to the question (and the sub-questions) selected. In the synopsis, include a brief explanation of the significance of the knowledge you learned from your research (two paragraphs) and on the importance to historical geology (one paragraph).
    • Cite the reference source(s) of your research in proper citation format.
    Grading Criteria
    Demonstrates comprehension of research question through detailed explanations. 3 points
    Applies concepts, definitions, etc. from assigned readings or other reference resources. 3 points
    Includes an explanation of the importance to the study of Historical Geology. 2 points
    Picture or diagram provided 1 point
    Writing is clear, concise and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Uses APA Style to cite reference sources. 2 points
    Comments to two (2) other students’ postings. 4 points
    TOTAL 15 points

    Do not worry about commenting on other students.


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