electrical engineering in control systems class using matlab 1

Put the name of all group members on the front of the Project.

Due no later than Dec. 6 (Friday) at 3:30 pm.
All MATLAB code and output must be provided.
The pages should be in a logical order.
The staple in the corner of the project should not prevent reading the text.

Work the following six problems at the end of Chapters 9 and 11:
Chapter 9 #3 (a lag controller problem), 5 (a PD controller problem), 31 (a lead controller problem)
Chapter 11 #1(a), 3(a), 4

Hints: Chapter 9 #31: Transfer function G1 is the same thing as Gp in the block diagram. Here is the MATLAB code to do Chapter 9 #30 part a: Ch9P30a.pdf


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