oedipus the king argumentative essay

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Is a person’s destiny mapped by their DNA or environment? This is the question you will explore as you argue the foundation of a person’s fate. Specifically, determine the factors that contribute to a person’s destiny in life. The argument will address whether or not fate exists as determined by genes or environment.

The prompt: Using the story of Oedipus the King as a basis for discussion, decide whether or not a person’s DNA or environment affect their destiny in life.


  • MLA format
  • Approximately 3 pages
  • Argument Essay with counterargument and rebuttal
  • Must use the article, “Your Ancestors, Your Fate” to prove your argument
  • Must use one more source from the CHS Database to further prove your argument
  • Must reference Oedipus the King
  • A Works Cited must be attached

Speaking of citations, when citing quotes from Oedipus the King, simply put the line numbers in parentheses.

  • Ex: Jocasta pleads, “For God’s love, let us have no more questioning! / Is your life nothing to you?” (1003-4).
  • A backslash / shows where one line ends and another begins


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