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Criminal Justice Theory/Criminology CJ 414 Spring 2017 Life Analysis Project Part II: Application of Theory Ob.iective: to rcsearch and identify approprialc explanations for vour lack of OR involvenrent in crimirral and/or dcviant behavior. Your paper will be fonnatted according to the fbllowing APA forn”ratting requirenrents. Rcfer to the ApA Publication Manual. 6th edition fbr hcading rcquiremcnts. f itle l)age Abstracl Introduction to paper Life Analysis (may use first submission. rvith additionsidcletionslrevisions as needecj) I-iterature Rcvierv i. Two (2) indcpendent pieces of original rescarcUprimary source that discuss your theory(ics) ii. (not another author’s discussion of someone else’s research a textbook) b. Research located in peer-reviewed academic joumals c. Textbook and internet sources are RESOURCES only. Research must come from original source d. Comprehcnsive disclrssion of theory & research; thcre should be no..l., staLements in this section e. Merely reading the abstract is unaccelrtable; the entirc study rnust be discusscd in your.literature revieu,, Discussion applv the theory 1o vour lifb. citing specific exarnples/experiences and rc]rringthcnr ro thc poirrts of the tlreory Conclusion Refbrences Grading: LilcraturcReview(comprchensiveandappropriate) Discussion (relevant to theory and life cxperiences) Writing style Concise and profbssionall appropriate vocabulary; Grammar and sentence structure Corrcct usc of ApA IntroductionlCorrcl usi on 3 -5 pts 35 pts l0 pts l0pts 10 pts AS StATCd PTCViOUsIy. ALL INFORMAI.ION CONTAINED TN THIS PROJECT WII-L REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL. You are required to submit this paper to no lair thon iiriro,arpOrl 2O* ,t W*. N, t”k popers will be accepted. I have posted q “Test’ assignmenr so you can practice logging in and uploading a tVord document- Your completed paper shoulcl be iploaded under LIFE ANALqST|fi;i;;i6;.-i.riit” credentials: CLASS^ID is 1s082419 and the password is spring20lz.

                                                                                           Clarene’s Life                                                                                         

Clarene Brady

Belmont Abbey College

Ili. nrv ttatttt is (,’lat’cttc Ilrldy. a native of Charlotte NC, and I am the youngest of eight in my family. There were 5 boys and 3 girls. in which there are just one boy and two girls remaining’ The only parent in the home was my mother. After I came along, my dad decided that he no longer wanted to be married and walked away when I was about 5 years old. The eldest siblings were my mother’s helpers. They allwent to school, got odcl jobs after school, and helped care for the younger siblings. My mother rvorked and supported us and I can’t remember a day that we were cold’ hungry or went without. My mother’s job was domestic, where she rode the bus to the “rich neighborhoods” in Charlotte to clean homes to earn an income. At that timc. the money that she earned kept us af’loat. I can remember her coming home in the evening, tired and worn out al1er a hard day’s work, but she was never too tired to find out about our day. She wanted to know if our homework had been done or had we read. She would see the book,,Dick. ‘I Sally’ and Janc. a book that everyone in my era read and would smirk. We would ask the question, “Why are you laughing at our book?” She would say that the same book was being read by the children in the home that she worked for, and that their books were new. our books would have the front or back cover off of it. We didn’t understancl but she would always say, “that it will get better with tinte.” I can remember going to the five and tlime stores in downtown Charlotte, namely Kress or Woolworth’s. ‘Ihe saleslady would fotlow us around in the store and ask several times ,,may I help you'” Over and over my mother would say no, but she continued until my mother would get annoyed’ [t was if the lady was looking for my mother to steal something. I would see a white lady and her little girl going about freely in the same store without being followed. We would go up to the hot dog oounter go get a hot dog and would have to stand to eat it, and the same lady with the Iittle girl would be sitting down. I clidn’t understand and once again rny mother would say “it will get better with time.i ns I got older, I began to understand that it was called,,racism,’ and that the color of your skin was a big factor in who you were. where you lived, and limitations to who you could become. No matter what the situations were, my mother was a woman who instilled in us to always pray and to always do your best. For when you do your best and you know that you have, then that’s only required. She required and demanded that we loved and respected each other, and when we saw something or someone not doing what they were suppose too, then don’t get involved, fbr it will keep you out of trouble. As time has gone by, I am now in high schoot. and right in the niiiidle of busing. Having . had attendecl an all black school, where we could walk, now we are bcins forced t9 go miles away from home. This was my senior year and being in a class with all whites and I am the only black student in the class was uncomfortable, but I could hear my mother’s voice, saying ,,do vour best'” I made the best of it. There were plenty of challenges while there. Whereas we were accustomed to being in social clubs at “our” schools, we now had to fill out applications to be a part of an organization atthis school. The student’s lounge was closed and the schedules forafter school activities were pushed to a time where the buses would be gone and we would not be included. It was terrible, in fact we had the worst school riot in 1970 at Myers park High School. I ended up graduating from there. Another thing that nry nrother instilled in us was the f-ear of GOD. She took us by the hand and took us to church. Church was one place that we could be ourselves and be free. It was at church or in the community where another adult could and would correct you and your parent/parents were alright with it. It was in these places that you learnecl how to respect yourself and others. [t was in these places that you could participate in activities and someone said how proud of you they were, and how they encouraged you to go on and become somebody, no CLARENE BRADY matter what label society had placed on you. lt macle you f’eel good about yoursell and you wanted to succeed and have a better life. Now we are all grown and all of my siblings did well, even though four brothers and one sisterr are gone’ They all graduated high school and fjve graduatecl c-ollege in which I will be the sixth. Our children are doing well. and all of my sibling’s children are college graduates except two and they are retired from the military. We were poor’ but rve did not know that we were poor. The iove rve sharecl, the people in our neighborhood, the people in the church who encouraged us, anci that VILLACE that helped raise us made us who we are today. A lot went on that we dicln’t understancl that has made us better today and so we pushed our ohildren to do even tretter. Thank GOD fbr our Mother who lived to be 100 years olcl and died in January 2016. I still hear her voice—“lt gets better with time” and it has. Thank Cod for a praying mother for her ^A,*-tt**& P *l,W’l*1 j ch ildren.

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