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Final Essay

Create your own argument based on your topic.

The assignment was to find four articles about the different viewpoints of your issue and to come to your own conclusion on the issues

Write an essay that responds to your prescriptive issue. Include a thorough explanation using ample support from your articles and ideas.

Ideas to consider when writing the essay:

  • What did I think about my prescriptive issue before researching?
  • Did I agree with one viewpoint before doing my research?
  • Did my outlook change with the research I came across?
  • Overall, what is my analysis?

Structure & Content Checklist

  • Write a specific thesis statement that previews the essay.
  • Use clear topic sentences and transitions to provide a structure for your essay.
  • Include and analyze outside sources
    • Properly cite sources within the paper
  • Write a strong conclusion that summarizes the entire essay and includes some reflection.
  • Make your best effort to edit and proofread your sentences.
  • Introduce, cite, and explain each quotation, example, or paraphrase.
  • Do not write in the second person (You)
  • Write an active voice
  • Use proper MLA Format
  • Include properly formatted works cited page
    • Check Purdue owl for proper format

Paper is graded on:

  • ability to think critically about a topic and the sources necessary to study and limit that topic
  • ability to combine information and ideas into a focused, organized, supported argument
  • ability to write a grammatical, stylistic, mechanically correct essay
  • ability to document and list sources accurately and usefully

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