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I need summary article for this ( )

•   The article and the summary must be consistent with the content of the course and course materials for it to be acceptable. 

•   The article must be current (yr. 2010+) and must be substantial enough for you to analyze several points. 

•   You must include an active html link to the article or provide a hard copy along with your review.

•   There needs to be some summary of the article but also some thoughtful discussion of how this article fits within the context of our course content.

•   The article summary must be a typewritten and double-spaced 2-3 page paper. 

For your discussion and summary of the article:

Do not forget what you have been studying. This is not an assignment for you to post your personal opinions. It is to be a summary of a contemporary article that addresses, or tries to address, some of the issues about race, class, gender, and sexuality, nation, immigration etc, that we’ve been considering through the course readings, lectures, and films.

Suggestions: Take some time to look for an appropriate news or magazine article. You won’t be able to do this in one hour. Spend some time either at the library or online looking for an article that is appropriate to review.

Themes to consider for your research: civil rights; voter rights; race, gender, class, sexual, age, or ability discrimination; hate crimes; racial profiling; sexual harassment; gay and/or lesbian rights; transgender rights; same sex marriage; media stereotypes; race and terrorism; immigration, etc.

Some things to consider as you write:  There should be some summary of the article, but also make sure to provide some thoughtful discussion of how this article fits within the context of our course content. 

Questions to ask yourself about your article:

•   Does the article reflect the content and tone of the course?

•   Does the article acknowledge the more complex and informed understanding of race, class, and gender that you’ve been studying in class?

•   Does the article reflect the history of racism and its legacy in the U.S. 

•   What questions is the article asking about particular racial or ethnic communities? 

•   Is there anything missing or lacking in the article about race relations? 

•   What “class” issues are being discussed?

•   How is “class” being used to explain inequalities among different groups?

•   Is class being discussed in a complex way?

•   What groups are being discussed? Are they described as all the same? If described as different, what is the difference? Is this difference described as “racially” or “socially” constructed?

•   What is the significance of the discussion about group to “class” issues?

•   What gender issue is being discussed? Masculinity? Femininity? Bi-sexuality? Transgender Identities?

•   What specific gender issue does the article center around?

•   Does the article expose gender inequities?

•   Does the article expand on how gender equity can be achieved?

•   What is the significance of this article on our understanding of gender issues?

•   Is there a particular issue around sexuality that the article discusses? What is it?

•   Does it challenge heteronormativity?

•   Does it challenge your own assumptions about sexual orientation? How?

•   How does this article expand our understanding of sexuality? Or is it too narrow?

•   Given the information you now know about race, class, and gender, how does your article fair?

•   If the article doesn’t go far enough in its understanding as you now have learned, discuss what you think is missing. 

•   Are there any old racial, gender, or class assumptions that are reinforced in the article? 

•   Are there other discriminatory issues that have come to light in the article that are reminiscent of other forms of discrimination?

•   Are these issues the same, different, or more contemporary than the ones we have studied? How, and why are they important for us to consider today?

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