Setting SMART Goals

communication and collaboration are key elements to effective and productive team work, as well as to your academic and future career success.

As you think about your goals for the Continuing Academic Success remember how communication plays a part in reaching your SMART goals and enhancing your experience in the classroom! The SMART goal system can truly help to support academic and professional dreams!

When I first learned about this goal setting system, I was clueless!! It took practice and review of my SMART materials. Below is a 2 minute video on writing SMART goals and I found it to be very easy to understand. Once you have written your SMART goals, you can ask these questions to assess whether or not your goal is truly a SMART goal. 

Class, after viewing the short video above and picking your SMART goals, consider the following questions:

  • Is the goal I have written specific, why?
  • Have I stated how I will track my progress? Why?
  • Why is it realistic and did I specify my reason?
  • Did I specify a date of completion? (Day, month, and year?)

Discuss with the Class:

  • Share and discuss one or two your SMART goals. Consider in your response how these goals coincide with the University Mission and Purpose and to the University Learning Goals.
  • How does forming, tracking, and reviewing your goals support your success here in class as well as in the workplace?

no word limit, APA format

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