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One of the first things to do, according to Virtual Lab School is to be able to understand why the child, in this case Jon, is acting upset and being defiant to following the playground rules. Once I approach Jon I would ask him what seems to be the problem or is there something he would like to talk about that may be bothering him and maybe I can help him. If he remains defiant I would continue to try and question why and if it does not work I would try and get Jon to cooperate maybe by compromising and asking him to stop and if he behaves he may be my helper for the next activity. If Jon actually cooperates and trusts me enough to tell me what is bothering him I will continue by helping him possibly solve his problem or positively guide him in solving his own situation by utilizing the 5 Finger Formula. The 5 Finger Formula consists of 1) Cool down (thumb), 2) Identify the problem (pointer), 3) Brainstorm solutions (tall guy), 4) Go for it (ringer), and finally 5) Follow-up (pinky). These 5 steps may help in identifying the problem and helping Jon figure out what we can do to better the situation and help him feel better to be able to join the class and positively participate.

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